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Melanie Wiener

„SLOW PIECE #4“ | Fotografie für die Performance-Künstlerin Lisa Stertz

19.11.2011 | grüntaler9, Wedding | Dauer 3h




Within the fourth SLOW PIECE I will dive from process oriented thinking on | _______wards |  1nt0 the 0mn1present, amb1valent w0rld 0f techn0l0gy.  _____T  E  C  H  N  O  L  O  G  I   C  I  E  L is about the multiplicity of layers around us. 




It is about the hate and the love you develop for your own computer, 
about fear and control, 
about clinical beauty and non-existential nature, 
about perfection and failure, 
about dreams and the desire for tranquility
It is simply about how to be in time and space. 




Find a way out.



Lisa Stertz


Lisa Stertz