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Melanie Wiener

„Where the Diamond sleeps“ | Fotografie für die Performance-Künstlerin Lisa Stertz

Butoh Sound Performance | 22.02.2013 | Zimmer Null



Performance: Yuko Kaseki, Valentin Tszin, Lisa Stertz, Maria De Faria, Jakob Mache

Music: Sasha Pushkin, Masaya Hijikata


Inspiration and Imagination come from the Far Northeast to here

glaSs graSS grOUND, fallIng criStal voICE
bluE sky aNd golDen TeetH, stEamed FigURe
spiral holE reACH TO MAgMA
brEATh InTo BreATh, refrACTioN lIGHT
tiME of sNOW MElting, tiME of ICIcle hangINg,
sNOw ANgGel, Ice dEviL
INTernal Organs of ANIMAls



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